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Piqua Fish & Game
Message From The President
Date: 04/26/2020

Hello Members, it’s almost May and this month we’re just hoping to be able to return to some type of normalcy soon. The Clubhouse and our Campground remains closed with the “Stay At Home” order still in effect. We continue to allow essential work to be done at Camping Member’s site from sunrise to sunset, the ranges remain open to all Range Members. Fishing is limited to the front pond only for all non-camping members. Guests are currently prohibited to access PFG property. New memberships, renewals, new Range Cards and Range Card renewals are still being processed. There is a small mailbox at the main entrance to the Clubhouse which contains membership applications. You may also leave notes or correspondence for the Club in this mailbox. It is checked daily. For more information about Memberships or Range Memberships please call the Clubhouse.

Our board members and several members continued to stay active during these Covid-19 mandated closures. A big thank you to all of these people! We’ve been very busy working in and around the Clubhouse and we’re eagerly awaiting the day we can reopen the Clubhouse and Campground and you can all see the progress that’s been made. Special thanks to all of the members and trustees who have been working so hard to improve the Club. Once Governor Dewine announces the plans for business such as our Club to reopen we’ll be sure to let everyone know what our plans are. Please note there may be some limitations that will continue to impact how the Clubhouse and Campgrounds are opened and what type of events we can hold. As things reopen it will be imperative that all of our members are patient and observe the rules and safeguards which are put into place to help limit the spread of Covid-19 and to maintain a safe environment for all of our members and employees.

New signage has been added for all Campsites IDs in the Campground as well as some replacements to the signs in the Clubhouse parking lot. There is additional new signage that will be added to various areas of the Club grounds as needed. This past weekend our affiliate organization, The Miami Valley Cowboys had a work day on the Cowboy Range and were able to get the Cowboy Ranges back to tip top shape. Thank you for all their efforts. We are also asking for volunteers who may be interested to help remove the shed and surplus foam from the Archery Range. The date for this workday is TBD. Please contact Trustee Ike Burt if you’d like to help! A new steel target was purchased for the Steel Competition Shoots which bring us up to a total of 5 sets of Steel Targets. Additional targets and target stand bases were also purchased for the Range.

In an effort to secure the trash and reduce the heavy truck traffic on our Campground and Range Driveway the dumpster in Lot A will be relocated to be behind the Clubhouse. All camping members may dispose of their trash there. We have approved a plan to clear approximately 8-10 foot of honeysuckle and brush behind the electric posts and around the perimeter of Lot A in the Campground Area. The work will begin and finish on May 4th. Good trees and the windrows will be left. We will be having a Campground Work Day on Sunday May 3rd at 10pm. All members are welcome to come out and join in the efforts and the fun, there is plenty to do and you can still maintain your social distance.

We’ve added a new Member Information Center at the Clubhouse that contains current and approved versions of all of our Club Rules, ie Clubhouse, Campground, Range, Trap, Pond, Hall Rental, Grounds Rules, Scholarship Applications etc. The area is located to the left of the Hall doors in the Clubhouse. Members are welcome to take copies of any or all of the rules for reference. We’re also continuing to work on a Members Handbook that will contain all of this information in one place.

Despite the Closures the Club continues to be doing well, finances are good, we were well ahead of 2019 sales and revenue at the time of the closure. Our membership is up to 1,178 members, of that new memberships are up approximately 175 this year. We’re still able to continue our 2020 Scholarships as we’ve done in the past. It was recently announced that we are currently accepting applications for our Scholarships this year. We will have 5 - $1,000.00 Scholarships that are awarded to continue our member’s children’s ongoing education. Deadline for submission is June 1st. Applications can be downloaded on our web site or you can pick up an application at our Member Information Center.

All current events are holding or have been cancelled. This year’s State Cowboy Match held over the Memorial Day weekend has been cancelled; anyone who has paid will receive a 100% reimbursement in the weeks to come. The MV Cowboy monthly May Shoot will still take place and a second shoot for the month of May is also planned. See our Trustee Mark Kinnaird for more information. Range Orientations are currently set to be held on Tuesday and Thursday at 3-4pm in the Trap Shelter near the Clubhouse. You may contact our Secretary / Trustee, Jesse Scott for additional information. 25 Ton of gravel was ordered to repair the gravel path on the Rifle Range and some was used to fill the holes at the back entrance to the Clubhouse. Jesse is also working towards developing the rules and procedures to use the Trap Ranges and a Guest Range Release form. More information will follow soon. Currently the Steel Competition Shoot for May is still scheduled as well as the May CCW class. Please see our website for more information.

The Camp Ground Rules were updated to reflect a change to the use of golf carts by minors on PFG property. All members should note that the Campground remains closed except for Camping Members to access their sites to perform on-going maintenance from sunrise to sunset. NO GUESTS are currently permitted on PFG property. Campers it is the season for Miami County Health to do their Campground Inspections, please ensure you are doing your part to keep your sites clean and well maintained.

Range Members, please remember that the driveway back to our Ranges also serves as the main drive of our Campground and is the main access to our back pond. As such the maximum speed limit on the driveway or anywhere on PFG property is 10MPH MAX. There is a lot of activity in this area, please observe the speed limits and watch for pedestrians, especially children. We have had many reports of Range Members speeding and we ask you all to please slow down and observe the speed limits. Our driveway is also only wide enough for one vehicle at a time. Please allow through traffic to exit or enter before proceeding. Members should not drive off the edge of the driveway into the dirt or the grass under any circumstance.

We’ll obviously need to see how things progress but our scheduled events for the upcoming months of May and June are as follows.

May Events: Spring Campground Work Day 5/3 10am, Range Orientation 5/13, Range Officers Mtg 5/13, Steel Competition Shoot 5/16, Membership / Executive Bd Mtg 5/19, CCW Class 5/30.

June Events: 6/6 Range Orientation, 6/7 Front Pond and Clubhouse Work Day, 6/10 Range Orientation & Range Officers Meeting, 6/16 General Membership & Executive Board Meetings, 6/20 Steel Competition Shoot, 6/21 Father’s Day Fishing Derby, 6/27 CCW Class, 6/27-28 Appleseed Shoot.

Please stay tuned to our Facebook Page, Piqua Fish and Game Club or our website for updated information. We’ll be sure to let you all know our plans as they are made known to us. Until then be safe and be well, we can’t wait to see you all again very soon for a wonderful Summer at Piqua Fish and Game!

Rob Anspach
President, Piqua Fish & Game