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Message From The President
Date: 01/16/2020

Hello Members!

It’s hard to believe we’re already half-way through January. Looking back I see it’s been two months since I’ve done an update or a message from the President to the membership. I’m sorry for my delay, I will do better. I invite any member or prospective members to reach out to me or any of our other Trustees directly if you have questions, concerns or comments you’d like to share. There is an open line of communication to all, we want to hear from members, we will do our best to satisfy your inquiries as quickly as we can. 

It’s been a busy couple of months for our Club as well as the update below I’ve also included some links back to the galleries of pictures or posts for each of the events. December began with our Election for four new Trustees for the 2020 Executive Board. Once again congratulations to our new trustees: Jesse Scott, Ike Burt, and Doug Cole. Check out our web-site here for more information about all of our Executive Board Members. Our fourth Trustee spot voted into office, is a one-year term and has been vacated. As such, our By-laws dictate that “it is the duty of the Executive Board to appoint a capable person to replace any officer or trustee who resigns, becomes unable to do their duty toward the corporation, was dismissed from the Executive Board or otherwise becomes disconnected with the Corporation. The new members shall serve the remainder of the replaced member’s term.” 

In our first Executive Session of the year our new Trustees were installed onto The Executive Board. Club Officers were elected by the Executive Board Members present. Acting President (Rob Anspach) I was nominated and elected President by acclamation, Acting Vice President, Susan Baskerville was nominated and elected Vice President by acclamation. Our Treasurer, Vickie Almeida, is not an elected position. Rather as a paid employee her position is appointed. Trustee Jesse Scott was nominated and elected Secretary by unanimous decision. I will continue to manage the Club’s Communications and social media, including some extensive updates to our web-site. I’ll also be working closely with our Affiliated Organizations and helping with Club Events and Maintenance, Susan will continue as Clubhouse Manager and as Membership Coordinator with assistance from new Trustee, Ike Burt who will also be helping Trustee, Steve Hayes to manage and improve the Archery Range. New Trustee, Doug Cole will assume the role of Campground Director with assistance from Secretary, Jesse Scott. Because of the length of the agenda for the Executive Board meeting and the current schedule of Club activities the decision to appoint a member to fill the vacant Executive Board Position was tabled until the February Executive Board Meeting. Our Executive Board is also working hard to get our new Trustees and Officers up-to-speed. We’re preparing for the upcoming Regular Camping Season and reviewing the Club’s Rules for all of the different areas of our Club. We also have exciting news to share very soon about our upcoming Valentines Dinner and Dance. Just a word to the wise, you may want to save the date for Saturday Feb 15th! Also, our CCW Classes will resume in March and run through October. Check out our web-site here for all the information about how to get signed up to get your CCW License.

We’ve had some absolutely wonderful Events in the past month. Thank you to all the members who volunteered their time, behind the scenes or to help make all of these activities so much fun! Thanks to our members who shopped for the Kid’s Christmas this year. This year’s Kid’s Christmas Party was amazing! Thank you to everyone who helped, especially members Brian and Liz Pfenning for being the best Santa and Mrs Claus’ we could ask for and for the biggest Grinch I’ve ever seen, member, Jason Curtis and our very own Frozen princess, Susan Baskerville as Elsa. There were approximately 65 children at this year’s party and it was clear they all had an absolutely fabulous time and the costumes were a big hit. Our Adult Christmas Party was also a blast, we had a wonderful crowd dressed in all types of Christmas costumes, ugly sweaters and pajamas. We ended the year in a way we weren’t really planning for, our big New Year’s Eve Party at the Clubhouse hit a snag when we lost power at a little after noon on December 31st. In typical Piqua Fish and Game fashion our members and staff made the best out of a bad situation. Our staff managed to continue to serve throughout the day. The loss of power didn’t stop our usual crowd and as the day quickly turned into night the Clubhouse began to get dark and cold. Which is just when our member’s pulled together and made a very special New Year’s Eve to remember. The constant flow of members into the Clubhouse brought candles, food, cash and finally a generator that allowed two overhead lights, the heat and the well to be turned on. As midnight hit there was still no electric to be had. Once everyone left and Susan and Scoop were ready to leave the jukebox fired up and a little over 12 hours after losing power we were back on-line. In any case it was a super fun night that all those who were involved with will always remember.

Last Sunday we had our annual Chili Cook-off! Congratulations to our Winners (1st Place) Chris Flynn, (2nd Place) Stephanie Robinson and Lindsey Debrosse (3rd Place). We had 12 Chili’s this year and 37 judges. Thanks to all who participated and those who helped out. Our first season of the Piqua Fish and Game In-House Dart League has been a big success. With just two weeks left before the position round that will determine the final standings all 6 of our teams have had so much fun this year and we now have a lot more members who are loving the game of darts! Stay tuned for our final standings! Taco Tuesdays, Whiskey Wednesday and our weekly scheduled Drawings continue to all do well. Be sure to get signed up next time you’re out at the Clubhouse!

We ask all members to please pray for and keep, our members and those who have lost loved ones and are or have been struggling with illness, in our hearts and minds. If the opportunity allows please remind them they are not alone and that we think of them often. As a Club we have so much to be thankful for, our finances are in good shape, all of our recent capital projects (Roof, Driveway and Cement Culvert) are completed, paid for and holding up well, we contributed over 300 lbs of items to The Bethany Center Food Bank from our Food Drive in November. Our membership numbers are up considerably so far and our numbers for new memberships and Range Cards are much higher than they usually are at this time of the year. It’s also that special time of year when we get to share our good fortune with some of the local charities in our area. Through our Charitable Bingo license we share a portion of the proceeds of our ticket sales with organizations we feel, work hard to make a difference in our community. This year we’re excited to announce we’ll be donating much needed funds to The Warrior Connection, Piqua’s BSA Troop 295, The Piqua Munch Bunch, Eagles Wings Riding Center and our Miami Valley 4H program. So remember the next time you buy tickets, even if you don’t win you’re helping our Club and others in our community.  

We truly are blessed to have such a wonderful Club, many of our members are active and involved,  and work hard to help make the Club better. As Winter days go slowly by, we are reminded that the cold cannot last, that soon we’ll once again be warmed by the Summer sun. Please enjoy Piqua Fish and Game and all the benefits that come from being a member. Thank you all for being something greater together than we are apart.

Rob Anspach
President, Piqua Fish & Game