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Message From The President
Date: 10/19/19

Hello Members!

I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful Fall weather we’ve been experiencing. This month has been an extremely busy month for us. We’ve completed a lot this month and have a lot to show for our efforts! I’ll touch on each of our projects and discuss some of the upcoming projects and events. Maybe our most noticeable project, the new roof for the Clubhouse has been completed. The new green roof looks amazing. It was a lot more of a project that what we’d planned for but going forward we know we have a solid roof that will look great, keep us covered for decades to come and is covered by both a 15 year workmanship warranty and a 30 year product warranty and it looks so much better. All the sheeting, shingles and large sections of the fascia and gutters have all been replaced. Rafters were straightened and strengthened and we rebuilt one of the valleys on the rear of the roof. Thank you to Brian Emrick for his help managing the roofing project and to Affordable Roofing for all of their hard work to give us a roof we can be happy with for a long time.

We’ve also completed the new cement box culvert on the driveway into our Campground and Range. Special thanks to all our members and friends at Robinson Concrete, they went above and beyond to create a new culvert for us that will definitely hold up for a long time to come and has greatly improved the look of our drive into the Campground. The second phase of this project will begin on 10/22 when Ticon Paving will be on site to begin tearing off, regrading and laying new asphalt from Spiker Rd to the first turn into the Campground. The drive will be closed from 10/22 through 10/25 with no foot or vehicle access to the Campground or the Ranges. A question was asked by a member if the Campground would be remaining open past the 10/31 date to make up for the time the drive was closed. It was decided that because the Campground was not closed during these projects that the final day of our Camping Season will remain 10/31. Thanks to the efforts of many of our members who volunteered to remove and reconstruct the old wooden bridge on our hiking and golf cart trails we now have a new bridge in place that will be solid as a rock for the future. Everyone is invited and encouraged to take a walk or a ride to check out the new bridge it’s a great addition for the Club!

A couple of notices too: for campers the fees to keep your electric on for the Winter are due no later than 10/31 this will allow you to overnight on the weekends only. Club dues for all members are due to renew on 11/01 be sure to stop by the Clubhouse to renew. BE SURE TO BRING THE CARD YOU RECEIVED IN THE MAIL WITH YOU. Range memberships also renew at this time. YOU MUST HAVE YOUR PREVIOUS YEAR’S RANGE CARD WITH YOU TO RENEW YOUR RANGE MEMBERSHIP.

We’ve also completed our process of approving members to run in this year’s Club Elections which will take place the first weekend of December. We’ll begin promoting our candidates on November 1st. We’ve hired a new bartender, Amber has joined our crew so be sure to stop in and introduce yourselves to her! After three weeks our in-house Dart League has gotten off to a great start. Between Dart League and Taco Tuesday, it’s great to have such a crowd in the Clubhouse on Tuesday evening! We also have a full slate of events coming your way for November. This weekend will feature the Camper’s Party, Haunted Trails, The Kids Party and the upcoming Adults Halloween Party on 11/02. Beginning 11/01 we will kick off this year’s PFG Food Drive with all proceeds benefiting the Bethany Center Food Pantry. Once again this year the Club will be awarding a ticket for each batch or Kroger’s Sized Bag of canned or non-perishable food items that are donated in the bins near the doors to the Clubhouse. Each ticket will be good for 1 chance to win a FREE LG Deluxe Pizza. See the bartenders to receive your tickets. We’ll draw from all the tickets at the conclusion of our Food Drive on 11/22 for 4 FREE LG Deluxe Pizza’s. On 11/30 we’ll be hosting an Ohio State / Michigan Game Day Party to celebrate the best rivalry in all of sports and we’ll be drawing for an Ohio State Fire Ring at half-time of The Game. The fire ring was donated by a member all proceeds will benefit the Club. So please make plans now to carry-in a snack or treat to share and watch the Game at the Clubhouse game time will be announced as soon as it’s available, and be sure to sign-up at The Clubhouse for your chances to win!

This is a quick overview of many of the things that have been completed or were in the works this month. I am humbled by the amount of effort and passion our members have for our Club as always I and the rest of The Executive Board welcome your comments and opinions. All members are encouraged to attend our Membership Meetings held each third Tuesday of the month in the Clubhouse Hall. Members are also encouraged to leave feedback, comments and concerns in the suggestion box. So until next month I wish you all a wonderful end to October and a great start to November!

Rob Anspach
Piqua Fish & Game