Piqua Fish & Game

Message From The President
Date: 02/24/2020

Members, another Winter is almost behind us, as we head into March we automatically start thinking of being outside in the sun enjoying nature. Our Club Grounds are already beginning to show more signs of life, wildflowers are beginning to pop up along the trails in the woods and best of all the days are getting longer. We’ve had another good month of activities and in our Clubhouse, thank you to all those members and guests who came out to celebrate this year’s Valentines Dance with our guest band, Come Hell or High Water. It was a super fun evening, the band rocked the house till about midnight and everybody stayed busy dancing and enjoying the party. Thank you all for the wonderful turnout, we had more food than you could imagine, thank you to everyone who helped set up / clean up and all of those who helped during and throughout the night including our staff and members. We went right back at it the next morning to kick off the 2020 NASCAR Season with our annual Daytona Race Day Party. That was also a wonderful time, thanks to all that helped and attended, despite the fact that they didn’t end up running most of the race till Monday we still had a blast at the Clubhouse. We’ve seen a pretty dramatic increase in new members, which is always excellent. Many of these new members are spending time at the Clubhouse and attending our events, it really is wonderful to see so many new faces. Thank you all for joining Piqua Fish and Game and becoming active Club members!

Our recent board meeting was productive again this month, we began by appointing member and Miami Valley Cowboy’s leader, Mark Kinnaird to our vacant Trustee’s position. We spoke about the updates to our FaceBook page and have begun the transition of making all of our official Club announcements through the Piqua Fish and Game Club page, the old FishandGame Piqua page (AKA Rob Anspach) will be taken down on 4/1. I encourage all members to go to the Club page and LIKE and FOLLOW for the most timely updates. The first year of our in-house Dart League was really successful and officially ends on March 1st this year with our League Party and Tournament. We’ll be celebrating at the Clubhouse on March 1st at 1pm, and will have our awards and payouts at that time, it is a carry-in Sunday and we ask all League Players and Subs to come and join us, members are welcome as well. We’ll be having more dart events soon, including some on-line matches and possibly an additional league, as well as some upcoming monthly dart tournaments. Our member, Shonda Hildebrand has stepped forward to help us run The Club’s dart events.

We recently upgraded our WiFi network at our Clubhouse, we’ve seen some dramatic increases in signal availability and much better connectivity. We continue to have some bugs to work out but it’s been an excellent upgrade so far. I have begun working on a new version of our Member’s Handbook, since we’ve recently reviewed and updated our Club’s rules for the different areas, this is an excellent time to put together a booklet that will provide all members with our Club’s By-Laws, Clubhouse, Drawing, Range, Campground, Pond, Woods Rules, Hall / Shelters Rental as well as general club information, hours, kitchen schedule, membership guidelines, Election Guidelines, Drawing Schedules etc. It is quite a project so far and it will take a while but it’s going to be a great resource for all member’s when it’s completed. Additionally we’ve completed a few maintenance projects around the Clubhouse and our Caretaker’s Residence including some new subflooring in Scoops trailer and fixing the ceiling in the men’s restrooms. We are also very pleased to announce that we’ve hired 2 new staff members, a new bartender (Rochelle Corn) and a cook (Tammy Vaughn) for the Clubhouse. Please help us welcome them and make them feel at home.  

We are excited to welcome all of our Camping Members to the 2020 Camping Season! Our Campground officially opens on March 1st this year. Campground Director, Doug Cole will be turning the electric on for all Campers who have paid their 2020 Camping Fees beginning on 2/28, please contact him at (937) 214-9411, to schedule having your electric turned back on at the Campground. I would also like to thank our Camping Members who attended our Campers Meeting this past Sunday. It was a really great meeting with a lot of good feedback and many great ideas for our upcoming season. It’s going to be a wonderful year in the Campground! Please remember that All Camping Members MUST have their 2020 Campground Fees paid in full by March 1st. We will be having 2 Campground Work Days this year, the first is on Saturday, May 2nd and the second is on Saturday, August 15th. Please put these dates on your calendars so we can all work together to maintain and improve our Club’s Campground.

We’re also excited for the start of our 2020 Steel Competition Shoots, which are held at our Range,
on the 3rd Saturday of each month, beginning in April and will continue through October. We expect great things from our second season of Steel Competition Shoots. We’ve approved upgrading our
Steel Competition Shoot stages from 4 to 5 this year, with a goal of increasing to the 6 stages required, to be eligible to hold State Competitions, be sure to check out our website for all of the information
and dates. http://www.piquafishandgame.com/steel-competition.html We have altered our Range Orientation Class Schedule. We will continue to have a Range Class on the First Saturday of each month at Noon and will now be holding the second Range Class on Wednesday evening of each month at 6pm. Both Range Orientation Classes will be held in our Clubhouse.

We are exploring repair of the targets and the clean up for our Archery Range, stay tuned for more information on that next month, including a Archery Range Work Day. Special thanks to Member, Matt Kindell for his help cleaning, flushing and sanitizing our Ice Machine, we appreciate his help, as well as those who help us on a regular basis, the we appreciate all that our members do for the Club. Anyone who is willing to volunteer their time is welcomed and encouraged to do so, we have many things on our lists of things to do around the Club, if you are interested see one of our board members. We’ll be having a Clubhouse Clean up or Work Day in April so stay tuned for that information as well.

Some upcoming events and dates that we know about are: A HotWing Cookoff and A Night of Karaoke on Saturday March 21st, details will be provided soon, our first CCW Class of the year is on 3/28, there are spots still available please contact our Range Coordinator, Jesse Scott for more information (937) 760-4210. This year we’ll be holding both our Annual Kids and Adult Easter Egg Hunts on Saturday 4/18. Weather permitting. The Kids event will be held at 1pm and the Adult Hunt will be held at 9pm on Saturday 4/18. These are awesome events every year. Be sure to make your plans now to attend. We have also gotten word that our friend Peter Cotton-Tail will once again be joining us for our Kids event. Anyone who would like to donate items for the Kids or Adult Easter Egg Hunts is welcome to do so, please give any donation items to our staff at the Clubhouse or any of our board members.

I’m sorry these messages all turn out to be much longer than I hope them to be, and I always leave something out. Our Club has and continues to be very active with events and activities for all to enjoy. Membership numbers continue to be up going into March and as you can see we have a lot more plans ahead. Thanks for reading this update if you have any questions, they are always welcome please reach out to any of our staff or board members, we’re all here to serve the Club and our members.

Until next month I hope all of our members, their families and friends are safe and well and enjoy
All that Piqua Fish and Game has to offer.

Rob Anspach
President, Piqua Fish & Game