Piqua Fish & Game

Clubhouse Staff

At the Piqua Fish & Game Clubhouse our friendly out-going bar staff are the face of our club. They play a major roll in every member and guest's Clubhouse experience. Our bar staff are members too so they take a lot of pride in the club, what they do and how they interact with Clubhouse patrons. They work hard to keep The Clubhouse stocked and clean and to keep us served, fed, informed and entertained. So stop by The Clubhouse and spend some quality time with our Clubhouse staff—you'll be glad you did!  

Mandy Pachin - Clubhouse Manager                                              David "Scoop" Curtis - Caretaker

Rochelle Corn - Bartender                                                            Jeff Wilson - Bartender                                                         

Clarissa Mason - Bartender / Kitchen                                         LaLa Marie - Bartender / Kitchen

Doug Cole - Bartender