President (Club Officer)
Rob Anspach, Communications, Affiliations
p: (937) 422-4055

Trustee (Elected for 3 yr term 2019)
President, 08/2019 to present 

Vice President (Club Officer)

Susan Baskerville, Clubhouse Manager, Membership, Events
p: (937) 773-9549 (after 6 pm)

Trustee (Elected for 3 yr term 2019)

Vice President, 08/2019 to present

Teasurer (Club Officer)

Vickie Almeida

Not An Elected Position

Trustee, Appointed 05/2018

Secretary (Club Officer)
Jesse Scott, 


Trustee, (Elected for 3 yr term 2020)

Steve Hayes, Archery and 4H
p: (937) 418-7004

Trustee, (Appointed 3 yr term 2017)

Doug Cole, Campground Director
p: (937) 214-9411

Trustee, (Elected for 3 yr term 2020)

Ike Burt, Maintenance, Membership

p: (937) 510-1233

Trustee, (Elected for 3 yr term 2020)

TBD, Trustee  

Elected member vacated. Decision of Executive Board
was to table discussion and filling of this position until
​Feb 2020. Per Club By-laws this position will be appointed by the Executive Board and will fill in for the remainder of the 1 year term.

(Appointed 1 yr term 3/2020)

Piqua Fish & Game

Our Executive Board, Club Officers and Trustees