Piqua Fish & Game


 Jeff Wilson 



Campground Rules

All Piqua Fish & Game (from herein known as PF&G) by-laws and club rules apply to all PF&G property. Non-compliance with any of the rules set forth in this document will result in action being taken by the Board of Directors of the PF&G.

A. Camping Fees
Campground fees and rules will be determined by the Board of Directors (herein known as the BOD) and are subject to change as needed before February meeting. A notification will be sent to the camper’s address on file with PF&G.
1. The campground is for use of PF&G members in good standing.
2. The PF&G is not responsible for member’s equipment on PF&G property.
3. Camping fees are due March 1st of the season and are good through October 31st, which are now $450 per site. Camping trailers may remain on the campsite during off season. No camping is allowed after November 1st . Electric to the campsite will be turned on March 1st if fees are paid in full and will be turned off by October 31st . For an additional fee of $250 payable by October31st, your electric can remain on during off season.
4. You are limited to weekends only for overnight stays with winter electric.
5. ABSOLUTELY NO furnaces and or electric space heaters are to be left on unless you are staying overnight on the weekends.
6. If fees are not paid in full by March 1st , a notice will be sent to your address on file with the PF&G. You will have 10 days from the post mark date on the notice to either pay in full or remove your camper from the property. There is NO grace period.
7. Fees will be paid at the clubhouse at which time a receipt will be given. Make sure your lot number is on the receipt. Lot numbers are on the electric pole. Please keep this receipt for your records.
8. If you are not planning on continuing to camp at your site for the new year, we must receive a written notice of your intent of not renewing your camping fees by February 1st and your campsite should be cleaned up and camper removed before March 1st.
9. If you remove your camper from your campsite due to no longer camping and your site is not cleaned up, you will be charged any and all expenses associated with clean up and removal.
10. No camping fees will be refunded without the approval of the BOD.
11. No permanent structures can be built on the campsite.
12. Do not change your site assignment without approval of the campground officer.

B. Security/Emergencies
1. The campgrounds of the PF&G are private property. Any member of the PF&G may ask another person for their membership card. If a person does not have a card, ask for a name and get a license number and description of the vehicle if possible. Give any information to the campground manager or any BOD member as soon as possible. DO
unless the person is causing a serious problem, i.e. reckless driving, vandalism or physical violence. In this instance call local law enforcement and immediately contact campground manager or any BOD member.
2. A first aid kit and fire extinguisher are located at the security light pole in the white notice board and in the back of campground by the electrical panel. If you use the fire extinguisher, notify the campground manager or any BOD member so it can be recharged. It is recommended that all campers maintain up to date smoke detectors and fire
extinguishers in their camper.
3. There is a phone located at the clubhouse and is available for emergency use during normal business hours. During hours that the clubhouse is closed, the caretaker resides at the trailer at the clubhouse and is available for emergencies. Some cell phones may work at the campground, but this is normally not the case.
4. Emergency club numbers: Campground Manager Jeff Wilson cell phone 937-541-6494 (subject to change, check with clubhouse). Clubhouse telephone number 937-773-9549.

C. Guests
1. Article 3-Section 5 of the PF&G by-laws states: A three (3) day membership can be obtained from the club manager or bartender for a fee set by the BOD which is $20 per person. The three-day membership can be obtained twice (2) per calendar year, except for the public events. All persons on the grounds must be members.
2. The campground is for the use of members of PF&G. If you wish to bring a guest to camp with you, they must purchase a temporary three-day membership and pay the appropriate camping fees. You may bring guests with you for the day, but they cannot camp without the three-day pass temporary pass and pay appropriate fees.
3. No guests can use your campsite without the campsite resident being present.
4. You may bring guests to the clubhouse with you a total of three times then they must become a member. Again, you must be with a member and they must leave when you leave, and you are responsible for their actions.
5. If you have reason to believe someone is camping illegally contact the campground manager or any BOD member so that action can be taken.
6. Guests age 21 and over may not fish, pick mushrooms or use the shooting ranges as these are privileges reserved for members of the club.
7. Guests who are on active duty with the armed forces are exempt from guest’s rules but must be accompanied by a member of the PF&G.
8. If you have more than 10 guests invited to a scheduled event, i.e. birthday party, you must use the shelter area located in the main parking area. Register at the clubhouse to use the shelter. A fee of $50 is required with $25 to be returned if site is cleaned after event. Make sure you leave the area clean and all trash put in the dumpster.
9. Any former member of the PF&G who is not in good standing cannot be on the grounds at any time.

D. Campground Maintenance
1. Each resident of the campground is responsible for maintaining their campsite which includes mowing grass, picking up trash, taking trash to dumpster and keeping campsite neat and orderly. Must keep Lot number visible.
2. The club will maintain all common areas of the campground and empty campsites, but if you see trash in these areas, please pick it up and dispose of it properly. If you witness anyone littering the area, notify campground manager or any BOD member.
3. Anyone littering the campground will be subject to disciplinary action from the BOD.
4. Please keep boats, boat trailers, and other items out of the common areas so mowing operations can be accomplished efficiently. Boats may be kept at campsites or posted site. All boats and or trailers must be identified by lot number or owner.
5. If you use the dump station, make sure you clean it thoroughly after use. The dump station is in service March 1st to November 1st weather permitting.
6. There are 3 grey water disposal areas in the campground, use them to dispose of all dish washing water.
7. There portable toilets that are located throughout the campgrounds. Please help keep them clean as they are only dumped once a month.
8. Twice each camping season we are inspected by the Miami County Health Department as we are a State Licensed campground. We are given NO notice to when they may come so it is best to be up to code always. If everyone helps to maintain the area we should have no problems.
9. All trash containers must have lids.
10. Five (5) gallon buckets must be turned over or have lids.

E. Pond Usage
1. No campers or vehicles can park within 50 feet of the pond.
2. No swimming is allowed in the pond.
3. No gasoline operated boats are allowed on the pond. Electric trolling motors are allowed.
4. Any child less than 16 years of age must wear a properly fitted type I, II or III personal flotation device and is not allowed in a boat without an adult. Any person over age 16 must have a flotation device available on the boat and visible.
5. Members only may fish the pond.
6. Do not dispose of any waste water within 200 feet of the pond except in grey water disposal areas.
7. Do not drive vehicles on the north side of the pond. Golf carts are permitted.

F. Vehicle Usage
1. The speed limit for ALL vehicles on the PF&G property is 10 miles per hour. This includes the paved road to the gate.
2. No off-roading is allowed.

4. No vehicles other than golf carts can use the back road to the clubhouse.
5. Riding lawnmowers are not permitted to be used as common transportation.

G. Parking
1. All guests must park in the guest parking lot or in the front lot. Do not park in another campers parking area and do not park along the lane.

H. General Rules
1. Quiet hours are from 11 pm to 8 am. We have neighbors, please respect them and the other campers. This includes stereo and tv sound as well. Report all violations to the campground manager or any BOD member.
2. No free-standing building may be within 5 feet of any recreational vehicle or camping unit.
3. No trees can be cut on PF&G property without approval from the BOD. Only dead trees on the ground may be used for firewood. There is an exception for any trees that fall due to age or weather conditions.
4. The well is not for human consumption. If you need water, you may come to the clubhouse and get it. There is a spigot at the rear of the clubhouse.
5. No firearms are to be discharged in the campground area.
6. No black water or gray water may be discharged from the camper on the ground.
8. All campers are required to be insured.
9. Air conditioners are not to be left running if you will not be camping that evening.
10. YOUR CAMPER IS NOT TO BE USED AS YOUR PERMANENT RESIDENCE WHILE ON PF&G PROPERTY. If you are found to be in violation disciplinary action will be taken by the BOD.
11. No more than 2 tenants may be listed as campsite occupants.

1. All pets must be registered yearly at the clubhouse, be licensed and proof of shots by March 1st.
2. Pets musts be under control of the owner always. A leash or restraint at your campsite must be used always. Secure stakes must be used at campsite.
4. No pets are to be left unattended while the owner is off the property for no more than 2 hours and must be kept inside the camper.
5. Your pet must always be on a leash.

J. Camp Fires
1. Camp fires are required by law to be no bigger in size than a 3’ by 3’.
2. Camp fires must be attended always.
3. Camp fires must be completely extinguished when leaving the property.
4. Treated materials CANNOT BE USED FOR FIREWOOD, furniture or materials that contain glue, lacquer, polyurethane, or other chemical compounds due to harmful fumes.
5. Stored firewood must be a minimum of 5 feet from your camper and no larger than 4 feet wide by 8 feet long and 3 feet high.

K. Camper Inspection
1. All existing and new campers must be inspected by the campground manager or his/her designee. Only with his/her approval that the camper has met all PF&G requirements will the camper be allowed to be properly placed on the campsite.
2. These are some, but not all requirements the campground manager will be looking for:
    a. Camper and campsites must be clean and well maintained.
    b. Must be in good condition and safe.
    c. Must meet health standards on the inside.
    d. Must be able to be placed safely on the lot, no rusted jacks, etc.
It is the campground manager’s decision to turn down campers who do not meet these requirements. The campground manager has the right to remind campers of poor conditions and request that they be repaired or be dismissed from the campground.

Thank you for your cooperation and happy camping!