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Election Schedule Requirements & Guidelines

2021 Election Schedule
10/01 Announcement of Board Positions Up For Election
10/17 Letters of intent and other documents due for all members wishing to apply for the December Club Elections
10/18 Review of letters of intent and motions to approve or reject applicants
11/01 Promotion of member candidates and the Election schedule, requirements and guidelines
12/01 Members not renewed by 12/1 (December 1st) will not be eligible to vote in the current year’s elections.
12/03-04 Club Elections (Voting Friday 3PM-7PM & Saturday 3PM-7PM)
12/05 Announcement of election results
01/01 Newly elected board members take office

2021 Executive Board Positions that are available in this year’s election
This year we will have 2- three year terms. (Currently Occupied by Rob Anspach & Susan Baskerville)

Board Position Candidate Requirements & Election Process Guidelines

  • Board positions that will be available for the upcoming year’s elections will be announced by the Executive Board on 10/01 (October 1st).
  • Applicants should be a member of the club in good standing for a minimum of 1 year.
  • Applicants must be willing and able to attend all Executive Board meetings.
  • Applicants must be willing and able to attend all or the majority of club events.
  • Any member who runs for an office will be required to sign and adhere to our Conflict of Interest Policy, Confidentiality Statement and must provide a felony disclosure yearly while on the Board.
  • Applicants must submit a formal letter of intent to the board no later than Sunday 10/17/2019 (The Sunday preceding the October Mtg). Letters of intent must include a bio with relevant information about yourself, your family, your reason for wanting to run for a board position, a picture of yourself and any information that you’d like to share with our club’s members. The information and the pictures provided will be used by our board to help promote the election and those candidates running for board positions. Including but not limited to club slideshows, flyers, Facebook, web and blog page postings.
  • All members who wish to run for a board position must be approved as a candidate, by the Board at the 10/18 (Oct Mtg). The Executive Board may exclude applicants for the election, if just cause is shown and agreed upon by a majority vote of the Executive Board members. 
  • Any applicant who has received a suspension from the club, has resigned or has been removed from the Executive Board within the past three (3) years, will be required to submit an additional letter of explanation for each instance, in addition to their letter of intent to the Executive Board. These letter(s) should address and explain the events surrounding the suspension, resignation or removal. How the situation was resolved and what they would do differently. A previous suspension, resignation or removal from the board does not exclude a member from applying to run for a position however, the Executive Board may exclude applicants for the election if just cause is shown and agreed upon by a majority vote of the Executive Board members. All of the letters explaining suspensions, resignations or removals will remain confidential and will not be made public. These letters of explanation are for the exclusive use of the Executive Board to conduct the application process for new board members.
  • Board Members who are appointed at the Executive Board’s discretion are subject to the same requirements as members running for election. 
  • Board terms are three (3) years, unless you are appointed to the Board. Appointed board members serve the remainder of the three (3) year term of the previous board member they replaced.
  • Letters of intent, letters of explanation, membership status and membership history will be reviewed by the Executive Board at the 10/28 (October Mtg) Executive Board Meeting. Eligible applicants will be approved by the Executive Board and notified verbally and or by letter that their intentions have been accepted and they are eligible to run as a candidate in the upcoming Club Election. Applicants who are not accepted will also be notified verbally and by letter that they were not approved to run in the election.
  • Negative campaigning of any type will not be tolerated including derogatory FB postings. 
  • Campaign posters, flyers, yard signs or other notices not sanctioned by the Executive Board will not be permitted in the clubhouse or anywhere on club grounds including but not limited to the clubhouse grounds, the campground, shooting, archery or trap ranges, the ponds or the drive ways. 
  • Club Elections will be conducted the first Friday and Saturday of December. (December 3th and 4th) (First Friday and Saturday of December) The hours of the elections are 3:00PM - 7:00PM on both Friday and Saturday.
  • Current Executive Board members that are not up for re-election will conduct the voting process. A minimum of 2 Executive Board members must be present at all times during the voting process.
  • All votes must be submitted in writing on ballots provided during the scheduled election hours. Ballots written on scraps of paper or turned in after the election hours will not be accepted or counted.
  • No members may benefit financially from our elections. Votes may not be bought, sold or paid for. Members found to be in violation will be subject to suspension be it a candidate or a voter.  
  • Any member in good standing is eligible and encouraged to vote in the Club Elections. The current membership list will be checked for membership status. Members who have not renewed by 12/1 (December 1st) will not be eligible to vote in the current year’s elections.
  • No absentee ballots will be accepted.
  • Members may only vote once for each position that is available. 
  • Any candidate running in the current election must cast their vote within a half hour of arriving at the clubhouse, then leave the clubhouse grounds after their vote has been cast. Candidates are allowed to be present at the campground, ranges or ponds during the election hours. Candidates may be in the clubhouse prior to or return to the clubhouse at the close of the Election on both Friday and Saturday evenings.
  • Ballots from Friday and Saturday must remain secured in a locked ballot box, in the Clubhouse until counted by the Executive Board members who are not eligible or were not up for re-election.
  • Ballots will be counted and re-counted by Executive Board Members at 11am on the Sunday, (12/05) immediately following the Friday (12/03) and Saturday (12/04) elections. At least 2 board members not participating in the elections must conduct the count and recount.
  • Ties will be decided by spoken vote of the President, Vice President and Secretary of the Club once the votes are tallied.
  • The President will contact all candidates as soon as the results are verified to inform them of the results.
  • The Executive Board will announce and post the results of the election. Winning candidates will only be announced. No vote totals will be given out.
  • Newly elected candidates will be required to attend the December Membership and Executive Board Meeting held on 12/15 (December Mtg) @ 5:30PM to begin the process of stepping into their new roles.
  • Executive Board members must agree to provide a written notice 30 days prior to resigning (excluding extenuating circumstances).
  • Newly elected board members will assume office on January 1st of the upcoming year.
  • These Election Regulations may be altered as the need arises. The Executive Board must submit changes in writing and vote to reach a majority decision to change or amend the rules (dates excluded) at least 3 months (9/20)  (September Mtg) prior to the upcoming year’s elections.


Article 5 Section 5 of our By-laws state that “It shall be the duty of the executive board to appoint a capable person to replace any officer or trustee who resigns, becomes unable to do their duty toward the corporation, dismissed from the executive board or otherwise becomes disconnected with the Corporation. The new member shall serve the remainder of the replaced member’s term.”

Version 1, Submitted 9/17/19, Approved by the Executive Board

Version 2, Submitted 9/15/20, Approved by the Executive Board

Version 3, Submitted 9/20/21, Approved by the Executive Board