Piqua Fish & Game

Clubhouse Rules

Revised, Approved and Accepted by PFG Executive Board 01/22/2020

  1. Piqua Fish & Game’s Clubhouse is open to all members who are in good standing and their guests. Clubhouse Hours may vary.
  2. Any member is welcome to bring a guest with them. Guests are allowed (3) three total Guest Visits to our Club. After a maximum of 3 visits, in total, Guests are expected to join the Club if they would like to access the Clubhouse or Club property. Members are responsible for the actions of their guests and as such, may be held accountable for their guest’s actions up to and including the loss of their memberships if circumstances dictate. Guest may not purchase Bingo Tickets or sign-up for any Club Drawings. Guests must leave when the member they came with leaves. Members may take their guest on tours of the Club grounds but no guest may hunt or fish at anytime. This includes mushroom hunting etc. Guest’s use of the Club’s Ranges is limited to 1 visit per calendar year with Range Card Holder, except for events which are open to the public.
  3. Former Members who have not paid their dues for the current year may enter the Clubhouse as a Guest (1) one time. Former Members are then required to re-join to have access to the Clubhouse, Club grounds or any Club activities that are not open to the public. Former members may attend events that are designated to be open to the public.
  4. Piqua Fish & Game is a family oriented club. Rude behavior, excessive intoxication, the continued use of foul language or gestures, fighting, loud arguments, damaging or destruction of Piqua Fish & Game or our vendors or member’s property or conduct unbecoming of a member will not be tolerated. Offending members and their guests will be asked to leave the Clubhouse and their actions may result in further action being taken by the Executive Board.
  5. Bar staff, The Bar Manager, or any Executive Board member may ask any member or Guest to leave the Club premises for violating any of these rules or Club By-Laws. Members who are asked to leave may be temporarily suspended pending review by the Executive Board. 
  6. Complaints against members or guests must be submitted in writing to any member of the Executive Board or placed in the Suggestion/Comment box located in the Clubhouse. The matter will be reviewed by the Executive Board and all parties involved will be notified of the Board’s decision.
  7. Children and members under the legal drinking age are not permitted to sit at the main bar but may sit at the side bar.
  8. Children and junior members under the age of 18 must leave the Clubhouse by 10PM.
  9. Children and junior members may not purchase, or take part in drawings, 50/50 Raffles or Bingo tickets.
  10. Members may write checks for purchases only, no checks may be written for the purchase of Bingo Tickets, or cash advances. Non-members or guests are not permitted to write checks. No third-party or payroll checks will be cashed. NSF checks will be charged a $25 fee and the member will no longer be able to write checks for purchases until all fees are paid.
  11. Clubhouse employees, Caretakers and Executive Board members only, are allowed to be behind the bar or in the kitchen or service areas.
  12. There is no smoking, E-cigs or vaping allowed in the Clubhouse or the Hall. You may only smoke in the designated areas.
  13. A member may run a tab for their purchases while they are at The Clubhouse. Tabs must be paid anytime the member leaves the premises. You may not purchase Bingo tickets on a tab. Bingo tickets etc. are cash transactions only.
  14. No alcohol may be carried into the Clubhouse or Hall. This includes alcohol intended to be given as gifts. No open containers of alcohol may be taken outside, except for the railed off area of the Clubhouse Patio.
  15. No food may be brought into the Clubhouse unless specifically noted as a carry-in opportunity.
  16. Under no circumstances are firearms or live ammunition to be brought into The Piqua Fish & Game Clubhouse or Hall without the expressed written permission of The Executive Board.
  17. Drawing totals and actual payouts may vary. Payouts are based on actual monies taken in and the final balance of each drawing.
  18. These Clubhouse Rules apply to all members and guests on the premises including members or guests using the Hall or other rental facilities.
  19. The Executive Board will resolve any circumstances not covered by these Clubhouse Rules.