Piqua Fish & Game

Clubhouse Rules

  1. The Clubhouse is open to all paid members in good standing and their guest.
  2. Members are responsible for their guest’s actions. If the member leaves the guest must leave too.
  3. Members or guests may be refused alcoholic beverages at the bar staffs discretion if their condition indicates they may cause harm to themselves or others or an unwanted scene.
  4. Damage or defacing club property will not be tolerated by members or guests. Members are responsible for the actions of their guest.
  5. The use of vulgar language and or actions unbecoming will not be tolerated by members or guests. Members are responsible for the actions of their guest.
  6. Children are not permitted to sit at the bar.
  7. All children under the age of 18 must be taken out of the bar at 10:00 pm
  8. Members and guests may write checks for purchases but checks will not be allowed for cash advances
  9. Not Sufficient Funds (NSF) must be replaced within 24 hrs with a $25 fee accessed, a second NSF carries the same penalties and will result in the member or guest being denied check writing privileges until the check and the fees are paid.
  10. The Bar Manager or the designated Bar Tender is responsible for the bar at all times. They may ask and belligerent member or guest to leave the bar. The Executive Board will then meet to review the matter.
  11. Piqua Fish & Game is a family-oriented club and we to create a fraternal and social  spirit among members. Any rude behavior, foul language, fighting, loud arguing, etc. by any member or guest will result in ejection from the premises. Depending on the offense, the actions may be taken before the Executive Board for recommendation of disciplinary action. Members may file a complaint against another member. All complaints will be taken to the Executive Board for final decisions. A suggestion and complaint box is located in the Clubhouse and will be checked regularly by the club director.
  12. The Bar Staff, Club Officers and Trustees have full authority to ask anyone to leave the premises. The issue will then be taken to the Executive Board for decision with the member in question being suspended from the Clubhouse until the next monthly board meeting.
  13. Members may bring a guest into the club 3 times as long as the guest has never been a member. If the guest is a previous member they must rejoin the club or leave the premises. Guest may accompany members on a tour of the club grounds but may not hunt, fish or gather mushrooms at any time. Guest visits to the ranges are limited to one visit per guest per year, except when the range is open to the public.
  14. No smoking, vaping or Ecigs are allowed inside the Clubhouse.
  15. Bingo tickets are cash only, they can not be added to an open tab.
  16. Guests are not allowed to purchase Bingo tickets
  17. No cash advances can be run on credit cards. Members and guests must use the ATM in the Clubhouse.
  18. Absolutely no alcohol may be carried into the club, no open alcohol may leave the club or go past the railing of the outside deck.
  19. Club Board Members will resolve circumstances not covered by the rules above.