Piqua Fish & Game

The Events Committee

The bylaws of our Club allow for the creation of committees. A committee is a group of people who are held responsible or have taken on the accountability for the activities of an organization. Their role is not necessarily about doing the tasks—instead, it’s about ensuring tasks get done on time. Although with our committee there will be plenty of chances for committee members to roll up their sleeves and get in on the action.

Piqua Fish & Game is an extremely active club. If you look at this year alone we’ve had a busy schedule; Christmas parties and Easter Egg hunts both for adults and kids, Kids Fishing Derby, our big Cowboy Shoot, The Daytona 500 race and dinner, The Chili Cookoff, The summer Luau, Work Day’s, The Warrior Connection Shoot and Ladies Range Day, Halloween parties and many other events as well. While everybody enjoys these events they don’t happen easily. They take a lot of planning, organization and hard work by everyone. This committee has been formed to help ease the strain on our board and to support our members. This committee will report directly back to our PFG Board. Our elected trustees will determine all decisions that need approval. These members will then take those decisions and put them in motion.

This committee came together pretty quickly out of a necessity for help. As the holidays approach we have many social events in the works so we’ll need this committee in place to handle the load. Several people have stepped forward to take active roles. But there is plenty of room on The Events Committee for anyone who wants to help out. Everyone who is interested in helping in any capacity is asked to please join us. Many of the committee roles will stay the same however some of the roles will change from event to event. Below is a breakdown of how The Event Committee is structured.

Jerry Grise – Committee Chairman – Jerry will act as our point of contact with our PFG Board. He will attend each monthly membership meeting and serve as the representative to the PFG Board to ask permission, seek funding as needed and report on the status and outcome of all events. He will also coordinate any club resources or spaces that the events committee may be wanting to use. Such as the inside of the clubhouse, outside patio, outside parking lot or grassy areas, inside back room-rental hall, campground, shooting range, archery range, ponds. Our board members will review and approve or disapprove the motions Jerry puts before them. Then the Committee Chairman will bring the results back to the committee for action.

Jennifer Fries – Financial Representative – Jen will act as our Finance Representative to lead any fundraisers we might have, account for all money loaned from and paid back to Piqua Fish & Game for our events and will oversee any donations we receive for the Events Committee. She will also work with the PFG Board to create allowable fundraising opportunities.

Liz Pfenning and Penny Kindell (Halloween) – Decorating Representatives – This position will most likely change or rotate per event. If there is an event you feel strongly about helping to decorate for please speak up we’ll be happy to have you take the lead. Our Decorating Representatives will lead the purchasing or donations of decorations or materials needed for each event. They will be in charge of coordinating the decorating of the facilities we’ll be using for the event as well as the teardown, pack up, organization and putting away our club’s decorations as well as all as the clean up after our event. This is not to say they will be solely responsible for these duties. They will be in charge of recruiting members to help with all or some phases of their responsibilities. This area will need the most help.

George Williams – Food Services – George will act as our Food Services Representative. He will oversee the dinner or carry in menus, preparation and clean up of food, food areas and any Club resources that are used in the preparation or serving of the food for the event. Again this position could change per event. If you have an interest in helping in this area please speak up.

Jennifer Fries – Entertainment – Jen will act as our Entertainment Representative. She will be responsible for selecting musical options such as a  DJ, karaoke or a live band for our events, plan and lead the games or activities, help secure and select the prizes and or awards for the members, and work with The Clubhouse manager on drink, shot, and or punch specials.

Rob Anspach – Art and Communications – Rob will serve as our Art and Communications Representative. He will be responsible for the creation of artwork for all events including invitations, sign up sheets, flyers, posters, etc. He will also create FaceBook Event notifications, blog posts, website entries and promote our events through all of our normal communications channels. Also, he will coordinate photos of the events and do follow up recaps for our website, blog and FaceBook pages.

Other members working with the committee are Macy Dorothy, Darla Wright, Rick Burns, Paul Trissel, Lori Trissel, Jake Fries, Doug Cole, Alyssa Cole, Stephanie Arnett, John Baumhauer, Michele Josefovsky, and Merle Kindell.

Again this committee is meant to be inclusive, not exclusive—everyone who is a member is welcome to join, help or assist in any and every way possible. It’s a lot of work and these committee members need the help. If you are interested in helping or hearing more get in touch with our Board or Event Committee members We look forward to an excellent schedule of upcoming events and we hope you’ll jump on board to lend a hand!