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Banquet Hall Rental Rules & Fees

We have a wonderful banquet hall for your next event. The hall has everything you
​need including a large well lit, open floor plan that allows for many different set up arrangements. The hall has it's own bar area complete with an upright two door cooler for beverages and refrigerated items, a back room storage and access area, private access to men's and women's bathroom facilities, a private entryway for your guests to enter and leave, ample parking and plenty of nice tables and chairs to fit your needs. We can also provide bartending staff, clean-up services and ice if you would like us to. 


  • There is a $100 charge due on the day that you secure the date of your event.
  • If you want Piqua Fish & Game to clean up after your event there is a $60 charge for the cleaning. This is also due the day that you secure the date for your event.
  • There is a $10/hr. charge for bartending. In addition to the length of your party this requires an additional two hours of set-up and tear-down time. This cost is also due on the day that you secure your event. 


  • The person whose name the rental in must be a Piqua Fish & Game member in good standing and must be on the premises the entire time of the scheduled event.
  • All drinks must be purchased from Piqua Fish & Game, this includes: soda, water, and all alcoholic beverages. Absolutely no alcohol may be carried into the club or banquet hall. 
  • Food may be catered in, the club kitchen is off limits to non-employees or board members due to Health Department regulations.
  • Ice may be purchased from Piqua Fish & Game or you may bring your own into the club.
  • The person who signed the rental agreement with Piqua Fish & Game is responsible for any and all damages to the premises, building, restrooms, or the contents of the club that may be damaged by the occupants during the agreed upon rental agreement.
  • Guests will need to enter and leave through the North entrance not the bar entrances.
  • Non-members are not allowed to purchase charity Bingo games at the bar.
  •  All children should be kept in the banquet hall and should not be unattended in the bar area.
  • Hall set-up and decorating time must be scheduled with the bar manager or designee. It is the responsibility of the renter to clean up all decorations directly after the scheduled events conclusion.
  • All rentals or activities must be scheduled with the bar manager or designee before the event. This includes solicitations, donations, fundraisers etc. 
  • Violators will be escorted off the property.