Piqua Fish & Game

Member of the Month

There are some exceptional members at the Piqua Fish & Game! Every month we select one member to spotlight by selecting a Member of the Month. It's quick and easy to signup for the Member of the Month, just sign a ticket and drop it in the jar. You must be a member in good standing, one ticket per visit and you can only sign yourself up. At the beginning of each month, a new ticket will be drawn for that month's Member of the Month.

Member of the Month Benefits

Your name and picture will be featured on the club slideshow as well as, this web page. Your name will appear on the Member of the Month board. You will receive your own Member of the Month parking spot and a free large pizza from our Clubhouse kitchen.

2019 Members
​of the Month

December - Kim Oglesbee

November - Ike Burt

October - Rick Rouse

September - Jon Baumhauer

August  - Kim Oglesbee 

July - Jon Baumhauer

June - Connie Martin

May - Stephanie Arnett 

April - Merle Kindell

March - Emma Warren

February - Merle Kindell

January - Macey Grise

2018 Members
​of the Month

December - Stephanie Arnett 

November - Scott Oglesbee

October - Kim Oglesbee

September - Stephanie Arnett

August  - Ike Burt

July - Brian Pfenning 

June - Jerry Grise

May - John Knight

April - Ashley Vogel

March -Kim Oglesbee

February - Rob Anspach

January - Jon Baumhauer 

2020 Members
​of the Month

December - Brian Emrick

November - Bryan Stahl 

October - Rochelle Corn

September - Jodi Hubbard

August  - Ralph "Patches" Hall 

July - Sue Tilton

June - Chad Alderton

May - Stupid Covid-19

April - Jon Baumhauer 

March - Josh Fulton 

February - Rick Rouse

January - Scott Oglesbee

2021 Members
​of the Month

December - 

November - 

October - 

September - 

August  -  Kim Oglesbee

July - 

June - Kelly Stahl

May - Kara Francis

April - Barney Barhorst  

March - Kim Morgan  

February - Bryan Stahl

January - Jon Baumhauer