Piqua Fish & Game

Piqua Fish & Game Membership Guidelines

Last Revised Date: 10/01/2020

Piqua Fish & Game would rather be inclusive than exclusive. Our members are the guiding force and the backbone of our club. They come from all walks of life, age groups and backgrounds. Men and women over 18 are welcome and encouraged to apply for full membership. We do not have a set number of memberships available so new members are always welcome. New members are required to visit our Clubhouse to fill out and turn in a membership form. You do not need any sponsors to join our club. Dues are paid annually and are due when you turn in your application or by November 1st every year. Access to our Ranges IS NOT INCLUDED in our Single or Family Memberships. Anyone interested in using our Range facilities must pay for a Range Card and attend a Range Class. More information can be found in the Range section of our website.  

Single Membership - $45.00
Family Membership - $60.00, Members must be married, children are included on your Family Membership up to 18 years old or 24 years old if they are currently enrolled as a college student, a copy of their current student ID is required at signup.

Membership Benefits
Membership dues are only $45.00 / $60.00 (Single or Family) for a calendar year, which includes access to the archery range, trapshooting range, the two catch and release fishing ponds, The Clubhouse, hall, shelter or tent rentals, the golf cart and walking trails, kids and family events and monthly and yearly special events at our Club, Campground, Trails, Ranges and Ponds. Access to the shooting ranges and the campground are not included with your membership. Both of these areas require additional steps and costs. Please visit the Range and Campground sections of our web-site for additional information.   

Each member will be issued a membership number. Membership numbers are used for Membership Renewals, Range Cards and to sign up for Club Drawings. Each number is unique. The first two numbers are the year you joined and the following numbers are of the members signed up, that year. Each member will also have a chip designated with their number entered into the chip spinner basket with the chips from all of our other members in good standing. These are the chips that will be drawn from for our Club Drawings. Each year a Membership Chip Audit will be performed to remove any member’s chip who has not paid their membership dues by November 30th. Member’s chips will be returned to the spinner basket once their dues are brought current.

Current Active Military Memberships
Piqua Fish and Game offers free memberships for all Active Military Members. A current military ID is required for all Active Military Members. 

Lifetime Memberships
Lifetime Memberships are granted for any member who has been a member for 10 continuous years and is over 65 years old. There is no charge for Lifetime Members. Members must request a Lifetime Membership and are required to renew annually at the Clubhouse.

Three Day Memberships
A three day membership may be obtained from the Club for $25.00. A maximum of two three day memberships may be obtained in one calendar year. 

Any member is welcome to bring a Guest with them. Guests are allowed 3 total Guest Visits to our Club. After a maximum of 3 visits the Guest will be expected to join the Club. Members are responsible for the actions of their guests and as such, may be held accountable for their guest’s actions up to and including the loss of their memberships if circumstances dictate. Guests must leave when the member they are with leaves. Members may take their guests on tours of the Club grounds but no guest may hunt or fish at anytime. This includes mushroom hunting etc. Guest use of the Club’s Range is limited to 1 visit per calendar year, except for events which are open to the public.

Former Members
Former Members who have not paid their dues for the current year may not enter the Club as a Guest of any other member. Former Members are required to re-join to have access to the Clubhouse, Club grounds or any Club activities that are not open to the public. Former members may attend events that are designated to be open to the public.

Piqua Fish & Game reserves the right to cancel any member’s membership, without refund, if that member is found to be in violation of the PF&G By-Laws and our Club’s Due Process.

Our club memberships run yearly from November 1st through October 31st

Terms and Pro-Rating
Memberships purchased after July 1st will be prorated $10, Memberships purchased after October 1st are $10 for Individual and $20 for Family memberships. Pro-rating applies to new memberships only.

Members are asked to please remember to update your information on your membership cards if your information changes, so we don’t get returned Membership Renewal Cards. You must bring in your renewal form with you to renew your membership.

Officers, Trustees, and Staff
Piqua Fish and Game Officers and Trustees receive their Single Membership at no charge for the years they actively hold their Executive Board position. Piqua Fish and Game staff receive half off the price of a Single Membership. All staff must be members within 2 weeks of employment.