Piqua Fish & Game

PF&G Fairy Garden

A fairy garden is an enchanted decorative miniature area or other small space complete with houses and recreational areas for our tiny woodland nymphs. These magical gardens are filled with small plants and accessories. ... A fairy garden offers an enchanted play space or “small world” that children (and adults) can use to develop their imagination and creativity.

Our Piqua Fish & Game Fairy Garden is tended in a semi-remote area of the Club Campground with structures and actual living plants. Carved out of the woods it's intended to help lure fairies and with them, their good luck, to our Club and Campground. This tiny space is created and tended with love. It's design and components are limited only by your imagination.

As it happens fairies make fantastic guests since as they are too little to make messes and too polite to make noise! Our fairies enjoy a wonderful ever changing garden nestled in a safe area of the woods with creative houses and accoutrements of all styles.

We invite you to share in the fortune and spirits of our native woods fairies—even though you may not see them out and about because of their quick reactions and shyness towards people they are there and greatly enjoy the visits by humans. So stop out and visit this captivating and creative area of our Club. The entrance is not marked but you can park at the back of the first lot of the Campground on the right and follow the trail down into the woods. If you keep your eyes peeled you'll soon begin to see signs of fairy-life and be smack-dab in the middle of the fairy garden before you know it!

Everyone is invited to help us build their community by bringing items for the Fairy Garden. Houses decorations, plants, birdhouses, decorative bottles, colored beads and bobbles of all types, etc all make stellar shelters and decorations for our magical friends. It's a fun way to engage curiosity and creativity and share the magic with your little ones.