Piqua Fish & Game

Queen of Hearts Drawing

The Queen of Hearts Drawing is held at the clubhouse every Thursday evening at 7pm.

The Queen of Hearts Description & Rules

The Queen of Hearts raffle utilizes a Queen of Hearts raffle board. The board has 54 sealed numbered cards. Under the sealed cards resides a randomly placed deck of poker cards with two Jokers.

All members who are paid and in good standing with the club may play. Each ticket is $1.00 or 6 tickets for $5.00 with a maximum of $20.00 per week per person. The player must write 1 name and 1 corresponding card number (1-54) on each ticket purchased. Any ticket which does not have either of these pieces of information will be discarded and another ticket will be drawn. To win the jackpot, you must pick the Queen of Hearts from the Raffle board.

The ticket that is drawn will then have the numbered seal written on their ticket opened to reveal the card. If the Queen of Hearts is not revealed, <insert second chance information here> the pot rolls over to the next week.

Second Chance
A second chance can also be purchased for $1.00 prior to the drawing.

Money Cards & Payouts

The Queen of Hearts pays 80% of the accumulated jackpot to the person drawn if they are present for the drawing. If not present 40% will be paid out. If the Queen of Hearts is drawn the 80% rule will move to the next highest card in the suit. Once the suit is complete the drawing is over. The Ace, King, Jack, 10, 2 Jokers each will pay out 10% if the winner is present and 5% if not present for the drawing.

Other Notes

The accumulated jackpot will begin at $250. The weekly total for the upcoming Thursday drawing will be posted at the Clubhouse bar. The receipts for the current week will be used to seed the following week. All left over money will be used to start a new game. 10% of the weekly proceeds will be withheld to pay back the seeding organizations initial investment. All payouts will be paid rounded to the nearest $5.00. New tickets must be purchased for each weeks drawing. Previous weeks tickets will be discarded.