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Range Orientation

At Piqua Fish & Game safety is the number one priority for the members who use our ranges. With that in mind the process of obtaining your Range Card does have several steps that are required by all Range Members prior to the use of our ranges.

You must be a Piqua Fish & Game member in good standing. You are required to visit The Clubhouse and purchase a Range Card and attend a Range Class. You may also sign up and purchase your card the day of the class. There are no exceptions to this process. The cost of the Range Pass is $40.00 per year / per member. Your Range Membership Card will need to be purchased every year when Club dues renew in November. Once you attend the Range Class and obtain your Range Card you will not need to attend another Range Class unless you allow your Range Membership to lapse for more than 1 year.

Range classes are held the 1st Saturday of each month @ NOON and the Second Wednesday of each month at 5:30 PM at The Piqua Fish & Game Clubhouse. The class will run for approximately 1 hour and will consist of watching a video detailing the Club's Range Rules, a short discussion and question and answer session and a trip to or a video of our Ranges. Range Cards will be issued at the end of the class by the attending Range Officers, If you have your membership card already issued and in hand.

Even if you purchase your Range Card prior to attending the Range Class you are not allowed to shoot on the Range until you have your Range Card in hand after you have completed your Range Class. Firearms and ammunition should be left ​in your vehicle until the instructor advises you to retrieve them. Eye protection is required and hearing protection is highly recommended.

You do not need to obtain a Range Card to use our Trap Shooting or Archery Ranges.

If you have questions please contact our Range Coordinator, Jesse Scott at (937) 760-4210 or Our Clubhouse at (937) 773-9549