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Piqua Fish & Game

Rifle Range

The Piqua Fish & Game has an excellent Rifle Range. This range is a beautiful spot to site in new firearms, test fire your weapons, hold seminars and training programs or to just spend some time doing what you love. This range offers a section set-up and dedicated for the use of rifles or shotguns using deer slugs only—NO BUCKSHOT is to be used on our Rifle Range. Our range allows for targets to be placed from 25 to 135 yards out. We have eight shooters lanes which are covered to keep the elements off our members. Each station has a staging area for all of your shooting needs. Shooters benches, chairs, stools, trash cans, port-o-johns, and buckets for clean-up of brass are all on-site and readily available. We also provide free cardboard targets and there is an abundance of target stands available on site for you to use.

Our Rifle range is open to member's only unless stated otherwise. All members who use The Piqua Fish & Game Ranges must have completed a Range Class, obtained and have their Range Card on their person and all shooters must follow The Club's Range Rules.

If you have any questions about this or any of our other ranges, policies or procedures please contact our Chief Range Officer, Tom Green

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