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2020 Piqua Fish & Game Steel Competition

Piqua Fish & Game is excited to announce that Steel Competition Shoots will continue moving forward in 2020. This year we will be holding 7 Steel Competition Shoots, on the 3rd Saturday of the month with registration from 9:00 to 9:40 immediately followed by a safety briefing with shooting promptly at 10am.
​All 7 of our Steel Competition Association Events are open to the public.

Steel shooting offers a port of entry to the shooting sports that is far less intimidating than practical shooting. Steel shooting provides an excellent opportunities for youth or other beginning shooters, as well as older participants who like to remain involved in the shooting sports.

The major changes for 2020 include adding 1 or 2 new stages to our existing 4, shooting the full 5 strings and closer adherence to the SCSA rules.

What Does It Take To Shoot Steel Competition?
You probably have all the equipment you need. Required gear includes a pistol (22 LR rimfire through .45 ACP), at least 2, more practically 5 magazines or speed loaders, an OWB holster, (or for 22 LR Rimfire a pistol case or box), eye and ear protection and cartridges, 125 minimum, but you might want to bring more in case you miss a target or two. 

Prizes will be awarded at the end of the year
To be eligible for prizes you must shoot in at least 4 of the 7 matches. Prizes will be based on the number of shooters for each Match, Division and Category.

The cost of each shoot is $10 per competitor and $10 for each additional firearm. Shooters may compete in more than one Division. Juniors under 13 are free. All proceeds benefit The Piqua Fish and Game Steel Competition Association.

Piqua Fish and Game Range Rules are in effect. Violation of our Range Rules may disqualify you from the competition.We thank everyone for their support and help to make this shoot a success and we look forward to seeing everyone out at the range. If you have questions please contact Jesse Scott (937)760-4210 or Tom Green (937) 214-1798


Jesse Scott
(937) 760-4210

 Chief Range

​Tom Green 

(937) 214-1798

(937) 773-9549

Range Quick Links

Follow these links to the individual range pages and other information.

Range Rules

Range Classes

Range Officers

Rifle Range

Pistol Range

Cowboy Range

Trap Shooting Range

Archery Range

2020 Steel Competition Shoot Schedule

 April 18th

May 16th

June 20th 

July 18th

August 15th

September 19th

October 17th

PFG Range Coordinator
​Jesse Scott
(937) 760-4210

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