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2021 Piqua Fish & Game Steel Challenge

We're happy to announce our 2021 Steel Challenge Association (SCSA) sanctioned shoot schedule.
​In addtion to these 8 shoots we'll also be hosting at least 3 Youth Steel Challenge Shoots.

Steel Challenge is a pistol speed shooting competition governed by the Steel Challenge Shooting 
Association (SCSA) consisting of standardized stages with steel targets, ranging in size from 10" round 
plates to 18x24" square plates. Competitors are scored solely by the time it takes to shoot each stage.
Steel Challenge matches are simple, fun and competitive. Most stages are a single shooting position with 
little or no movement and five steel targets.The shooter is required to hit each target once. One target, 
designated as a stop plate, must be shot last. Each stage is shot four or five times (strings) in a row for time. 
The time for the slowest string is dropped.The times for the strings are added together for the total score 
of the stage.
All ages and skill levels are welcome, adult, juniors, seniors and families are encouraged to shoot together; 
come out and have a safe and fun time. All shoots and events are open to the Public.

We are now a sanctioned SCSA Club (SCSA 412), and will be running 6 stages, 5 of those will be 
Classifiers, with two matches, a Centerfire Match and a Rimfire Match. We encourage all 13 Classifications 
to come out and have some fun.

Where, When and How Much?
Where: 9344 Spiker Rd., Piqua, Ohio. The lane back to the ranges is just south of the clubhouse.
When:  Registration begins at 9:00 and ends at 9:45. Register on PractiScore or email parthelynx@aol.com.  
NEW SHOOTERS – There will be a New Shooter Orientation at 9:30 followed by the Safety Briefing at 9:45.
How Much:  The fee is $10:00 per gun. Active Military and LEO shoot free.

We will be running 6 Squads and you may shoot 2 guns but due to COVID-19 protocols we can have only 
10 shooters per Squad and we are limiting each Squad to 15 guns.

What Does It Take To Shoot Steel Competition?
You probably have all the equipment you need. Required gear includes a pistol (22 LR rimfire through .45 ACP), at least 2, more practically 5 magazines or speed loaders, an OWB holster, (or for 22 LR Rimfire a pistol case or box), eye and ear protection and cartridges, 125 minimum, but you might want to bring more in case you miss a target or two. 

The cost of each shoot is $10 per competitor and $10 for each additional firearm. Shooters may compete in more than one Division. Juniors under 13 are free. All proceeds benefit The Piqua Fish and Game Steel Competition Association.

Piqua Fish and Game Range Rules are in effect. Violation of our Range Rules may disqualify you from the competition.We thank everyone for their support and help to make this shoot a success and we look forward to seeing everyone out at the range. If you have questions please contact Jesse Scott (937)760-4210 or Tom Green (937) 214-1798


Jesse Scott
(937) 760-4210

 Chief Range

​Tom Green 

(937) 214-1798

(937) 773-9549

Range Quick Links

Follow these links to the individual range pages and other information.

Range Rules

Range Classes

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Rifle Range

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Cowboy Range

Trap Shooting Range

Archery Range

​Steel Challenge Shoot Schedule

 March 20th

April 17th

May 15th
May 29th (Youth)

June 19th

July 17th

August 21st
Aug 28th (Youth)

September 18th
Sept 25th (Youth)

October 16st

PFG Range Coordinator
​Jesse Scott
(937) 760-4210

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