Victory Lane Game Rules

NASCAR fans rev up your engines and stop by the bar to get your entries for the Victory Lane Game boards. It doesn't get much easier than this. Each card contains 40 sealed cars. Pick the cars you want, sign your name on the corresponding line. Once all 40 lines are sold the seals are removed and the pole positions are revealed. The numbers revealed to indicate the starting pole position of your drivers. If that driver finishes the race in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place of the final standings you win the associated prize for your place. The payouts are as follows: 1st Place: $40.00, 2nd Place: $25.00 and 3rd Place $15.00. These boards follow the NASCAR season races and times are based on the NASCAR schedule

Each line is $2.00, open to all members in good standing, there are no limits to how many lines may be purchased. There may also be multiple Victory Lane Cards sold. Each card is a separate and independent game with it's own individual payouts. See the bartender to purchase your lines and to collect any winnings.

*Disclaimer - This is a game of chance—no refunds will be given. The maximum number of lines on a Victory Lane card is the maximum number of cars that can run a NASCAR race is 40. However, sometimes fewer than 40 cars will participate in the race. So it is possible that you may purchase a line on the board but not have a car in the race. Enter at your own risk. 


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